Strategia Solutions CEO Solomon Luke speaks at Dianne & Lillie Foundation Event

[Columbia MD, August 25th]

The mission of the Dianne & Lilly Foundation is to improve the lives of families in poor countries throughout the world. As a non-profit, some of the organization goals seek to build Solar Systems, Rest Rooms, First Aid Health Care Clinics, schools, Orphanages, playgrounds for children and water wells to create a better world for those in need. The Foundation operates in the current regions beginning with the USA: Maryland, South Carolina, Michigan and Georgia, West Africa: Ivory Coast (Abidjan), Senegal, Nigeria, Burkina-Faso, Ghanaand Mali, Central Africa: Congo, Southern Africa: Malawi, Caribbean: Jamaica & Haiti, Europe: United Kingdom and France, Central America: Nicaragua, Middle East: Persia, and Asia: Pakistan, India and the Philippines.

As the Foundation’s IT partner, Founder and CEO of Strategia Solutions Solomon Luke, was requested to provide an outline of the technology roadmap. As part of the roadmap, Solomon unveiled his firm’s new proprietary mobile application software solution. Due to the challenges of working in rural areas, non-profit agencies are sometimes faced with poor if any, network capabilities such as wi-fi and internet access. To solve the current dilemma of recording data in the field, the new mobile application would enable all users but more importantly, those that are in remote areas to synchronize their files on their mobile devices instead of a web browser.

After the user enters the information into the device, then save the record and returns to a location that enables wi-fi and web browsing activities, all synchronization would now be updated.

At the firm, before the team attempts to try to solve a problem, we explore all alternative options for who really has the problem and what the problem really is. When solving a problem, we are never blinded by the potential excitement of the first solution and are always mindful to our clients that procedural changes are always less expensive than system construction.

Below is a video of the speech.

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