Strategia Solutions CEO attends Haitian Randevou Kréyol Networking Mixer

[Washington D.C. October 12th]. Association of Haitian Professionals. The Randevou Kréyol Networking Mixer event is conducted once a month and feature businesses in the Maryland, D.C. and Virginia area but also includes businesses from other states that are part of both the Haitian and Caribbean diaspora. Strategia Solutions, LLC’s Founder & CEO, Solomon Luke was invited to showcase his firm’s IT core services and provide recommendations and guidance to small businesses on current best practices in Software Development, Cybersecurity and Disaster Backup and Recovery.

During the event, Solomon received several questions about Information Technology best practices and delivered the message in an interactive episode for all the participants. Solomon highlighted the efficiency of proper vendor selection processes and requirement specifications as it pertains to stakeholder approvals. In addition, several examples were provided of current projects that illustrate design and functionality capabilities. One of the main components of the discussion was focused on leveraging cloud base application technology solutions for solving the problems of archaic paper processes and poor document management workflows for large, medium and small businesses.

The audience was thrilled at the launch of the new Strategia data labs initiative for developing mobile application technology solutions for the private sector, including non-profit agencies. At the firm, experimentation is an integral component of our software development processes. Agile development has changed the way software is developed, for instance by advocating interactive and incremental development, embracing changing requirements, and highlighting the importance of customer feedback.

With the recent deployments of mobile applications for clients in the Philadelphia area and for non-profit agencies that operate in Haiti, the lab serves as an incubator for developing large scale mobile applications from scratch. Some of the key considerations of the lab features the importance of automated testing, using a secure mobile device testing cloud, Wi-Fi Infrastructure, Device Control Infrastructure and Compatibility of Device OS. Apart from the technical requirements, the lab serves as the initiating stage for customer research and development for new products and services.

Some photos from the event are below.

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