Strategia Solutions, LLC Announces the Official Launch of its Hosting Platform ZenHost

Oct 17th 2018 [Rockville, Maryland] Strategia Solutions, LLC announced their brand new Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and cloud hosting platform service. Strategia Solutions, LLC provides a simple cloud infrastructure which can be used to host websites, applications, game servers, private storage, and more.

What does Strategia Solutions have to offer?

Strategia Solutions, LLC offers cloud hosting services that facilitates simple, reliable, scalable, and overall affordable cloud computing solutions. The available resource plans and their price points provide innate flexibility, making Strategia Solutions, LLC suitable for a variety of user groups, developers, website owners, small to mid-sized businesses and IT professionals.

Affordable VPS hosting plans with a variety of options

The pricing at Strategia Solutions, LLC is certainly an enticing aspect to the platform. There are three tiers which differ in hardware specs that one can choose from when creating or choosing a solution. These solutions include WordPress Startup, WordPress Business and WordPress Enterprise. The pricing for these tiers starts at $6.99 for Startup, $14.99 for Business, and $19.99 for Enterprise. Please call us for a custom solution.

Enterprise Cloud Solution Provider

Enterprise Cloud from Strategia Solutions, LLC. is a flexible, scalable, and secure infrastructure offering that allows you to dynamically scale resources in response to changing business needs. Strategia Solutions, LLC provides complete management of the underlying hardware and software tools used to deliver the service, including virtualization platform management, patching/updates, and full maintenance/support, all monitored 24×7 by Strategia Solutions, LLC’s Network Operations Center (NOC).

Private Cloud

Connect your existing gear to a dedicated Private Cloud from Strategia Solutions, LLC. Our private cloud infrastructure can be configured in multiple ways, but is always fully redundant with automatic failover for compute and networking. Trusted technologies from VMware and Hyper-V ensure performance, stability, and resilience. Our private cloud directly connects to your existing physical infrastructure and to third-party clouds through direct cloud connects.

Disaster Recovery

Every infrastructure will fail. How and when are just variables. Disaster Recovery as a Service from Strategia Solutions, LLC provides automated failover for virtualized infrastructure. With Strategia Solutions, LLC’s Disaster Recovery platform you can have the best possible technology in the best data centers all managed by experienced infrastructure experts and system administrators.

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