Strategia Solutions Year End Review – A look back at 2018

Happy New Year!

As we close out 2018 and 2019 begins to dawn, we would like to start telling you how much we appreciate each of our business partners and to let you know that this growth would not be possible without the continued support of our partners.

It seems like a great time to reflect on what the firm have accomplished, the journey we have taken to get to where we are, and the plans we have for an exciting, bright future.

Launch of our new website hosting services

The firm launched the much anticipated hosting services platform We are now able to provide premium hosting for our partners and future clients. Our cloud hosting services facilitates simple, reliable, scalable and affordable WordPress, custom web application, and custom website cloud computing solutions.

Center of Excellence – Strategia Labs

We have implemented a new innovation model at the firm which will enable us to strategically enhance our ability to generate and capture attractive ideas for our new product offerings to our business partners and the general public.

Our innovative stance will preserve our strong technological leadership amid the disruptive technological changes that are taking place, within which, at Strategia Solutions, LLC, we shall be playing a central role, together with our partners in creating the most effective proprietary applications.

This year, the firm launched 2 new proprietary applications. First, the Strategia Solutions Project Management Client Portal. The new web based project management solution enable clients to leverage the firm’s change management process and document repository. Our customers would now be able to access their project portfolio documents and artifacts including project schedules that feature Tasks List, Tasks Kanban, Milestones, Gantt with completion percentages, reports and project dashboard.

Second, our client portal  provides a robust service desk ticketing and online collaboration with messaging capabilities so that our team can better engage and provide premium customer support. The second application deployed was the Data Labs data collection module. Data Labs is a proprietary data collection application that enable global teams particularly in remote areas to collect student, volunteer and sales data using mobile devices with admin controls and reporting through and easy to use web application.


Strategic Partnership alliances and membership agencies

Our partnership and collaboration with key institutions in the US, and affiliation with Caribbean organizations and other small businesses, has proven to be a critical component in our ability to grow the firm organically.

Organizations such as the Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce, Maryland Small Business Association, Association of Haitian Professionals, the Caribbean American Advisory Group, Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce, Caribbean Chamber of Commerce of Texas, Caribbean Tourism Organization, 800-Tech, Utopia Health Center, IBM and Ride Bahamas all help to enable our team to better tailor products and services that are addressing the needs of our customers.

Deploying web and mobile application technology for Non- Profit

Our focus on bridging the challenges of distance and connectivity in remote areas with digital innovation in the form of a mobile application that empowers non-profit agencies in Haiti to become more efficient.

How do you deploy an app to frontline volunteers in a remote part of Haiti? You start simple; by developing an offline data -entry provision, with an auto-sync feature. What this means is that both volunteers and workers can record, register, update and store data for students in French using mobile technology.

Conversely, providing a better solution for online payments that addresses the chronically ill, seriously ill, physically challenged and abused children is equally important. In most cases, poor families cannot fulfill the request of their children due to the financial strain that their child illness may cause.

By developing Mobile application solutions that provides a seamless option for users to donate, in addition to integrating a read more button on the newsfeed that would pull entries from an RSS feed and also include an archiving functionality, the agencies are better equipped to process payment and also provides enhanced features to their donors.

Diversification of Customer sector

This past year the firm has deployed projects in both the non-profit and profit sectors, clothing industry, start-ups and first time entrepreneurs in the US, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.

Our plan is to continue to establish a roadmap for diversification for all market sectors. We are on track to attaining our goal of being a global company.

Altering Project Management and Change Management at FEMA, DOHS.

Partnered with IBM to successfully deliver the first Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Sustainment Release to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) production environment using an Agile delivery approach. The team used a hybrid approach of both SCRUM and Waterfall Methodology.

In addition, at the end of the 3Q and into the 4Q, the team also successfully delivered the Connect Direct/Treasury: NEMIS Payment Cancellation effort. The release included added complexity since it involved co-ordination with the US Department of Treasury.

The completion of the System Definition Review (SDR) Gate and Critical Design Review (CDR) Gate capped our 4th Quarter accomplishments.

The feedback has been very encouraging

We always love to hear from our clients and partners alike and this past year the feedback has been overwhelming and very encouraging. Our adherence to transparency, flexibility and software development best practices were at the forefront of all discussions with room for growth, and we are listening to your feedback, good or bad. This year we received rave reviews from all our clients and won HavServe’s HavIT Award for our services.

At Strategia Solutions, if mistakes occur, we view them only as an opportunity to get better at providing a premium service to you.

2019 has a lot to look forward to

We have a lot in the bag for the next year and look forward to working with out partners for many years to come. In addition to exciting new partnerships in new regions, we have a whole product line up coming to market that will really shift our growth trajectory.

Messages from the team

[cl-review quote=”I am really excited for 2019 as is the whole team at Strategia Solutions. Our focus has always been about new products and how we bring new products to market, so the rise in our product line has done well. We started with websites for small businesses, then migrated to corporate clients, customized web based applications and mobile application development particularly in the 3Q and 4Q. Our commercial business have demonstrated that our customers want good value and premium technology. While competition exists in our sector, I think it’s important to establish a roadmap for success and we always count on the competitor being good, since our plan is to be better.” author=”Solomon Luke” occupation=”Chief Executive Officer & Founder” avatar_image=”1380″ type=”quote” layout=”clean” quote_size=”14px” author_size=”12px” italic=”1″]
[cl-review quote=”This year has been a really busy and productive one for us and I personally have enjoyed every minute of it. The company has made some major strides towards growing internationally with our projects while also growing as a talent pool with our own internal applications. I look forward to working with our partners all over the globe and the whole team is hyped for the many interesting project that are coming down the line. Finally I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and pass on the best wishes for 2019.” author=”Hasan Shahid” occupation=”Chief Operating Officer & Partner” avatar_image=”1416″ type=”quote” layout=”clean” quote_size=”14px” author_size=”12px” italic=”1″]
[cl-review quote=”As our infrastructure continues to grow and we step into more advanced technologies, we are also growing as individuals and as a team on the whole. I look forward to growing with the team in 2019 and embarking on more exciting projects.” author=”Fang Ju” occupation=”Chief Technology Officer” avatar_image=”943″ type=”quote” layout=”clean” quote_size=”14px” author_size=”12px” italic=”1″]
[cl-review quote=”I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of complex software implementations this year that have allowed the team to expand and become proficient in new technologies and implementation methodologies. Looking forward to 2019 and all the year brings for the team at Strategia Solutions.” author=”Naveed Javaid” occupation=”Chief Information Officer” avatar_image=”931″ type=”quote” layout=”clean” quote_size=”14px” author_size=”12px” italic=”1″]
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