Strategia Solutions CEO awarded the FEMA Core Values Award

February 26, 2024 [Washington, D.C)

Strategia Solutions CEO was awarded the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Core Values Award. This award recognizes employees that embrace, incorporate, and excel in one or more of FEMA’s core values (Compassion, Fairness, Integrity, Respect) and demonstrate them in their daily interactions with everyone survivors, colleagues, and partners.

Award Details:

Summary of Achievement:

Solomon Luke consistently demonstrated FEMA’s Core Value of Integrity throughout 2023 in his daily interactions with his teammates as well as his customers and external stakeholders.  Solomon’s Integrity was a constant driver for the project management excellence he delivered in support of several important Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO)-led, enterprise-focused Information Technology (IT) initiatives.  Across his projects, Solomon demonstrated initiative, honesty, and dependability while successfully guiding team collaboration, research, documentation, proof of concept work, and implementation of key IT solutions.  Solomon’s professional conduct and stewardship of appropriate resources helped garner high trust and established his reputation for solid project management.

 Summary of Initiative/Project:

Solomon provided sustained outstanding project management leadership and support that led to successful implementation and delivery of OCIO IT initiatives.  Solomon led a cross-functional group, working closely to foster collaboration between Office of Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) engineers, Office of Chief Information Security Officer (OCISO) cybersecurity specialists, support contractors, and other key offices and programs to successfully implement key technology solutions.

Solomon helped to manage project work for FEMA’s use of the ZScaler tool, which is making FEMA IT systems more secure and safeguarded from potential threats.  The successful implementation of this technology is a key part of the larger effort to ensure FEMA’s progress toward the broader Zero Trust architecture objective as directed by OMB and DHS.

Solomon also managed the project work in support of the modernization effort for the FEMA Enterprise Cloud Authentication Provisioning Services (FECAPS) initiative.  Solomon’s work on this effort resulted in a successful proof of concept and set the stage for what will ultimately become the FEMA Enterprise solution for enabling users to securely access systems and applications via modern technology.

Solomon often worked “behind the scenes” just to keep everything organized.  He proactively set up coordination points and leaned in to get to the heart of issues and remove impediments.  He saw the importance of establishing trust among the project team to drive the collective group to success.  Solomon ensured everyone had what they needed.  His outlook included accounting for resource management in terms of funding, staffing, and time to accomplish the work.  Solomon was not afraid to deliver tough news to the team or to senior leaders and to advocate to get appropriate resources for project success.