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Our team has combined 60 years experience in areas such as Corporate Governance, strategic planning and Forecasting, Project Management, Clients Services, Account Management, Sales and Marketing, Performance Management, IT, Finance and Computer Services.

  • We are very resourceful at deciphering problems and are modern thinkers from diverse backgrounds.
  • Our global ideas are generated from experience in markets located in the Aisa Pacific region,the Caribbean,Americas and Europe.
  • A team of highly skilled,motivated and talented individulas.
  • We adhere to the highest ethical business standards and work with our core values as principles,We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau,a leader in public services related to ethical business practices.
  • Apart from our product offerings,we are commited to providing exceptional clients services to our customers through transparency,commitment and honesty.


Technology continues to adjust at a rapid pace.As such,by proactively empowering your business to embrace these modifications you are therefore evovlving your firm to succeed. At strategia solutions,we see a trend usage of a woder range of technology in business today.Thus,our approach to your technological requirement seeks to be:

  • State-of-the-art
  • Results driven
  • On time Delivery

We firmly belive that technology should benefit the organization through increased efficiency in the delivery of products and services,thus enabling a boost in market value and competitives advantage.Our goal is to allow your firm to leverage its assets so that ypu can achieve higher performance thus adding customer value.

One of the key benebefits of leveraging technology in today’s marketplace may be measured in net value by comparing the total cost of ownership of the technology,against the reduction in use of resources or a targeted increase in a measured quality of services.As a result,our emphasis is placed on the nexus between strategic planning and information technology,and we are poised to leverage the key components that exist in this collaboration.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization: See What You’ve Been Missing.

Organizations of every size, in every industry, have data that can deliver insights. With data visualization software from Strategia, you can find the most relevant data and apply advanced analytics to unlock your data’s secrets. Strategia Visual Analytics makes it easy.

Get the Picture. Fast.

Unlike traditional data visualization tools, Strategia Visual Analytics produces blazingly fast insights while letting you interactively explore all relevant data – no subsetting or sampling required. The data is quickly read into memory for fast processing. In just minutes or even seconds, you can apply predictive and descriptive analytics to data of any size to spot previously unknown patterns, identify key relationships and uncover insights that would otherwise stay hidden.

Do It Yourself and Set IT Free.

If your IT department is like most, there’s frequently a backlog of requests from users just like you – but not anymore. The self-service, ad hoc data visualization environment lets you explore data on your own, without burdening IT. Not a technical genius? That’s okay. You can easily create new views of the data simply by selecting items from a sidebar or dynamically filtering and grouping variables. Choose compelling visuals – Bar Graphs, trend charts and pie chart and more – to breathe life into the data, revealing elusive insights that may spark further analysis.

Stop Guessing, Start Autocharting.

Don’t know which chart would best display the results of your analysis? No need. With autocharting, the chart that is best-suited to the type of data you select is automatically chosen for you. No more guesswork. You can be confident that your visualizations are as accurate and as insightful as possible.

Visualization Features

  • Web-based, interactive data exploration mode suits the needs of all types of users.
  • Autocharting automatically chooses the graph best suited to display the selected data.
  • Geographical map views provide a quick understanding of geospatial data.
  • “What does it mean” capabilities automatically identify and explain the relationships between variables.
  • Exploration capabilities are available for in-memory server data sources.
  • Graphical skins can be applied for 3-D appearance and light effects on visuals.
  • Compelling visuals include box plots, heat maps, bubble charts and more.
  • The toggle feature displays grid lines and lets you adjust axes to optimize viewing.
  • Queries can be changed by selecting items to be displayed from a sidebar or by dynamic filtering and
  • A resizable overview bar lets you visually subset a portion of data sets with many records (high
  • New forecasting capabilities help you explore data to find out what might happen in the future.
  • Thumbnails of recent and favorite items can be viewed.
Transparent Analytics

Robust Reporting: Create and Share Meaningful Information.

What if you could easily create meaningful ad hoc reports and share your insights with anyone anywhere? What if decision makers could view and interact with reports whenever and wherever they needed to? With Strategia Visual Analytics, they can.

Say Goodbye to Static BI.

Powerful ad hoc reporting tools let you design compelling, interactive reports. Easily add filtering and drill-down capabilities to your graphs, KPIs and other report objects. Choose from a wide variety of charts – 3-D bar charts with multiple lines, scatter plots, bubble plots, heat maps, tile charts, etc. – to best illustrate visualizations in an engaging way. And empower colleagues and others to interact with your reports to answer their own questions and create new visualizations to get a deeper understanding of the data.

Better Collaboration, Better Decision Making.

It’s easy to create interactive, eye-catching tables and charts that help decision makers quickly grasp the data’s meaning. You can publish information to the Web and mobile devices, enabling rapid knowledge sharing and better-informed decision making. Large numbers of users, including those with limited ana lytical and technical skills, can view and interact with the reports, while IT maintains control of the underlying data and security.

Reports that Wow.

An interactive report-building interface puts a variety of options for designing dynamic reports at your disposal. You can create stunning reports fast and make them interactive by adding features such as filtering, highlighting, radio buttons, drop-down/combo boxes, and more. Support for native apps on tablets means you can create touch-optimized reports with dynamic scrolling, pinch and zoom, etc. You can also customize themes and colors and override formatting to adhere to organizational style guidelines and brand standards.

Reporting Features

  • Web-based, interactive report-building interface is provided for report authors.
  • Data acquisition wizard is available for previewing, filtering or sampling data prior to
  • creating visualizations or reports.
  • Precision layout capabilities provide flexibility in report layout and design. Stack or group items, use send-to-back or bring-to-the-front capabilities, and more.
  • On-the-fly hierarchies can be created to add drill-down capabilities to visualizations and reports.
  • You have the ability to select predefined filters, set groupings and sorting, and override default formatting.
  • Custom calculations and filters are easily created.
  • A variety of charts are included: bar/3-D bar with multiple lines, pie/3-D pie, line, scatter, heat map, bubble, and tile – all of which allow annotated reference lines to be added.
  • Filtering and selection capabilities can be added to reports with easy-to-integrate common action elements such as radio buttons, drop-down/combination boxes, check boxes and sliders.
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