Halloween City

Our beautiful fun world in under attack. Witches & Monsters all over the place destroying our dream world and changing it into Spooky Town. This Halloween, with your flying dragon, you can:

1. Get the Spooky Town out of the ghostly spell. So kids, this halloween, go enjoy this top free game to bring the whole fun world back to life.

2. Build the Fun City. The more you play games, the more you earn and help people get their schools, hospitals, homes, parks, towns, villages & cities back to life. And for every thing you repair you will get daily bonus coins. Have enough assets to sit idle and coins will be banked while you sleep. Fun world recovery is in your hands.

2. Use your flying dragon to kill monsters, witches and fight back the enemies. You have the option of buying amunition factory to fully load your dragon plane with power fire, protected shield, power bomb and ultra sonic weapons.

3. You need million of dollars to build & repair the destoryed school, hospital, home, park, town, village & city. Bring the life back. You have the option of filling your Bank with coins by flying your dragon, playing arcade & action merge mini games of knife pumpkins, snake climb & box falling pumkins. And if you are an impatient, we give you option of in App purchase of coins.