HavServe Data Collection

About the Project

HavServe is a non-profit organization that was founded in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010. In order to provide a solution for the current business need regarding student data collection, the firm designed and developed a mobile application platform.

The purpose of  HavServe’s new mobile application would serve to collect student data from their multiple schools in Haiti. One of the core functionalities of the tool provides the admin user with the ability to collect student data and export that data from a browser-based web portal.

The web app features include:

  • Creation of school profiles.
  • Creation of student profiles.
  • View and edit uploaded students profile data and photos.
  • Export student photos in folders organized by student ID.
  • Export student data as a CSV.
  • Sorting and filters to view student data.

The mobile app features include:

  • Access to list of schools that have been added through the web dashboard.
  • Data collection through a form with the ability to use the device camera to capture student and document photos. Signatures captured through touch.
  • Entries sorted by complete and incomplete.
  • All collected data is stored on the device until sync is performed.
  • One-press sync with the database for completed entries only. Incomplete entries stay saved on the device until they are completed.
  • Compatibility with all Android phones and tablets.

We built the responsive web application using HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, and Code Igniter. The native Android application was built using Android Studio and Android SDK.