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vacations_12-[Converted]Our road map: Plan better. Work smarter. Act faster.

Want to take your business to the next level? Strategia has a road map to get you there. Our integrated capabilities in data management, analytics and reporting are designed and priced for small and midsize businesses. They work together – or separately – to get you better … smarter … faster. So go ahead – take your business where you want it to be.





Why Strategia38

Integrated. Modular. Solutions that grow with you.

Want to address all your data concerns, or just focus on what matters most today? Strategia has you covered. Our fully integrated solutions for data management, analytics and reporting are designed to work independently, or together. Start with what you need today, and add more as you go. No hidden integration costs. No surprises.









success01Stop Guessing, Start Autocharting.

Don’t know which chart would best display the results of your analysis? No need. With autocharting, the chart that is best-suited to the type of data you select is automatically chosen for you. No more guesswork. You can be confident that your visualizations are as accurate and as insightful as possible.





O6OARL120Approachable Analytics Built Right In

At Strategia Solutions, we develop simple to use data analytics in a user friendly web based environment. No matter your skill level, you can ask your toughest questions, create compelling visualizations and share them with others – without having to learn new skills or engage IT. And if you do happen to have more analytic expertise, you can speed model development processes by quickly identifying areas that warrant further exploration and analysis, rather than resorting to trial and error.

Data Management


Connect with all your data

Is your data spread across multiple systems and sources? Are you always waiting for IT to give you access to the right data? With Strategia, you can connect with all

your data no matter where it resides, without any help from IT. Get seamless, out-of-the-box access to data from emails, call centers, websites, databases, ERP systems, PC files and more – in all types of systems and formats.



14920-NPZFILIntegrate all your data – for a complete picture

Different kinds of data may tell different kinds of stories. But if you can’t integrate it in a way that gives consistent insight – based on all the facts – you only have a partial view of

your business. Strategia shows you the full story of what’s happening with your customers, products and operations – everything it takes to run your business better.




O6fdfZL520Clean, accurate data – without the guesswork

To make good decisions for your business and address regulatory requirements, your data has to be high-quality, timely and accurate. Strategia helps you cleanse data, spot anomalies, identify relationships, remove inaccuracies and standardize on common values.

Analytics & Forecasting

asda214Beyond Excel: True analytics within your reach

Stuck in the world of Excel? Constrained by data limitations, formula errors and flat, static views? Escape with advanced analytics from Strategia. Explore and analyze data visually in an interactive environment. You even have the option to work in Microsoft Office. See all the possibilities – with easy, intuitive tools.






232ewdHindsight is not always 20-20

Want to surge ahead of the competition? Simple query-and-reporting and OLAP drill-down tools only give a rearview perspective on what happened, where and when. But you can’t plan for the future just based on the past. Strategia shows you not only the current state of affairs, but also what’s most likely to happen next, so you can manage your business proactively and get the results you want.





12sasedddPlan with confidence

Wondering how economic volatility, competitive activity, consumer trends and seasonal variations will affect your business? Strategia shows how multiple variables can influence your future. Run what-if scenarios and test your current strategies with Strategia. Plan for all the possibilities – with confidence.


23423ewdsdBusiness intelligence – in your hands

You need to get the right information to the right people at the right time. Can you do it without pressuring IT? With Strategia, you can access and explore data visually, and create reports quickly using customizable templates and graphics – all while IT maintains control of the data. So you have the power to make better decisions, faster.








asd232c3dsGet connected with your data

Business data comes to life when you connect with it through a dynamic, interactive environment. Take a permanent break from the world of rows, columns and static reports. Strategia Solutions lets you visually explore data, then drill down to find hidden relationships, see trends over time and investigate patterns. Work with your data the way you prefer. Make data discovery fun.







23e123ed2eMake better decisions – together

To make good decisions, you often need input from colleagues. But distance, departmental boundaries and time lags can make it hard to share ideas, discuss options and reach joint conclusions. Strategia Solutions has customizable dashboards and portals to make sharing information easy. Use automated workflow alerts to prompt actions. Email reports and comments using Microsoft Office. It’s a better way to share.


232sssdGet the full picture: Visualize your data

Your organization – or your data – may not be very big. But the value of the information hiding in your data is. Visually explore all your data, quickly and easily. Uncover hidden opportunities. Identify key relationships. And make more precise decisions, faster than ever before.







678gjsdIn-memory analytics – for lightning-fast insights

Get blazing fast insights on all your data – no subsetting or sampling required. Data is read into memory and analytic processes are quickly distributed into easily manageable pieces for fast processing. In just minutes or seconds, you can explore any size data, test more hypotheses and uncover hidden opportunities – without adding extra resources.






movil_18-[Converted]Analytics made easy

With Strategia, even nontechnical users can easily see how all your data adds up. Use point-and-click interfaces to drag and drop for a visual comparison of categories and measures. Test relationships among multiple variables in the blink of an eye. Spot correlations, then drill down for more detail. Make forecasts on the fly. It’s powerful analytics made easy.







sdwe2Strategia Mobile BI: Information you can take with you

No more “I’ll get back to you.” Your business doesn’t stop just because you’re away. Strategia® Mobile BI lets you access critical information anytime, anywhere – on Apple® iPads® and Android OS tablets. Download reports, share ideas, make comments on the go – for faster decisions and uninterrupted workflows. And with mobile tethering, you can explore and interact with reports wherever you are – even when there’s no Internet access.

Let’s talk and we can show you how all our process management comes into play in the real world and makes life easier for businesses every day.

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